Funny story: I grew up disliking food. Healthy food, to be exact. You see, I was brought up with a very strict diet, which consisted of only : boiled vegetable soup (literally? vegetables plopped into boiling water, without seasoning, so it was a very bland vegetable soup), steamed fish with NO SALT, NO SOY SAUCE, or any kind of additional seasoning, and brown rice. Meal times used to be a painful hour of trying to get all that bland food down my throat because waste was absolutely NOT tolerated.

Today: I am a total health junkie, with a blog that proves how big a foodie I am. I write my food descriptions exactly like how I talk to myself as I scrutinise every morsel of food. But looking back though, I am so grateful that I led a childhood of that because first of all, diabetes runs in my family so I know that those rules were set up in love.

Secondly, I am grateful that I even have food to eat because there are people starving out there.

So err... welcome to this monologue of a food blog as I word the many conversations I have with myself. Enjoy!