Hello Wanderer

As a kid, travelling merely equated to yet another exciting school holiday.

But it was in architecture school when I realised that travelling is so much more:  

It is a living collage of different cultures and lifestyles.

It is a collection of experiences where new stories are born, new lessons learned.

New perspectives introduced whether in life or art. 

I travelled the most during university, with the ease of living in London. Plus, having a group of equally adventure-seeking friends made it all the more fun- from extremely spontaneous adventures to lost train tickets! These travels have brought me so much joy and I can't wait to share them with you! 

Allow me to transport you away from your armchair (or wherever you are),  entertain, and help you plan your next trip better to avoid all the mistakes I made! Enjoy!


A s i a


The garden island-city.

S i n g a p o r e


Welcome to my home!

M a l a y s i a

A f r i c a


A tale of dust & sand

M o r o c c o