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Le Petit Four Patisserie, Georgetown / My 1st stop post-MCO for the best pastries in town

Penang, Malaysia

Tucked behind that small, innocent blue facade lies a treasure trove of the ultimate pastry ecstasy.

Le Petit Four Patisserie Review, blue cafe facade, RollingBear Travels blog.

Like every time I return to Penang, my reaction post-MCO was the same: of utterly guttural desperation for a CROISSANT. My hometown had no such fantastic swirls of puff pastry and butter, and it was with an almost comical relief to be able to indulge in my favourite patisserie in the heart of Georgetown: Le Petit Four Patisserie. I assure you, this is the only place where I, a health junkie, would willingly lunch on way too much sugar and butter.


At a glance

- Based on my opinions -

Ambience /

Soft music, the sound of the coffee machine whirring... a very nice, calm place to read or meet up with friends on weekdays. But it may get noisy over the weekend because it is rather small and usually very packed.

Coffee /

I love the coffee here! It is very smooth, not bitter at all. The flavour leans towards a slightly milder taste.

Food / Vegetarian options are available.

They specialise in pastries, muffins, and French desserts. Occasionally, they have a small quiche. Other than that, they have no lunch menu.

Warning: I highly recommend coming EARLY. Their pastries are hand-rolled every day and are hence, limited. The pastries are usually sold out by the afternoon. But if it is French desserts you're after, they produce them mostly for the afternoon.

Price / $$

Parking /

It is NOT easy to find a spot near. I would recommend going early (before lunch) or at odd hours to get a spot. Or a seat even.

Contact details & more info /


- Interiors & Ambience -

Classy modern interiors of Le Petit Four Patisserie, RollingBear Travels photography.
Classy modern bar decor of Le Petit Four Patisserie, RollingBear Travels Interior Photography.

These were taken post-MCO when it was uncharacteristically quiet.

Classy. Quiet. Calm.

Classy, yes. But calm? No. Not before the Malaysian MCO anyway.

The familiar whirring of the coffee machine was a delight to the ears. And oh, that wondrous sight of freshly-baked croissants! It had been a long while.

This cafe had chill jazz vibes - like one of those YouTube 'Cafe Jazz' playlists, but insert the local Hokkien dialect. And adhering to the new workplace guidelines, there were only 4 filled tables, including us. The staff were friendly, as usual. It was a very peaceful morning to read and people pastry stare.

One other thing I love about this place: they have the COOLEST magazine rack. They stock up on artsy, journal-like magazines like Monocle. And they switch it up occasionally. I find so much joy just browsing through that rack.


- Food & Coffee -

Le Petit Four Patisserie croissant display, RollingBear Travels food photography.

Taken pre-MCO, when the cafe was vibrant with a buzz of people and activity.

Before, pastries ran out at alarming rates. You would have to order EVERYTHING you want in one go because I kid you not, after you finish your coffee and go up to the counter, that whole mountain would just simply disappear.

So, post-MCO, it was nice actually, to be able to saunter up to the counter: "Could we please have 2 croissants here, then a pain au chocolat, a cinnamon roll, a scone, and some muffins to takeaway? Yes, we're buying for the whole, very deprived village of ours."

On the menu:


Croissants //

No matter how many times I come, these swirls of buttery, flaky goodness are a staple.

Hazelnut Escargot //

For croissant enthusiasts but with a sweet tooth. Not pictured here so imagine a pain aux raisin swirled puff pastry but oozing with chocolate hazelnut instead of custard.

Scones //

Honestly, the scones here are decent but are a tad too dry and crumbly for my liking (I like dense English scones!).

Cinnamon Roll //

Not your Cinnabon sugar overload. Think thick, buttery dough encasing a mildly sweetened mixture of spices to tantalise those tastebuds.

Apple Turnover //

I've used 'butter' too many times in this article, but bear with me! I need it again! Ok. A flaky buttery puff pastry overflowing with a generous stuffing of perfectly spiced cooked apples. The apple filling was towards the sweeter, more mushy type. I personally loved it but my mum prefers it with more crunch.

Le Petit Four Patisserie croissant, scone, cinnamon roll, RollingBear Travels food photography.

French desserts // RM 20+

These are definitely pricey, but very worth the calories, and very delicious if you're looking for a one-off treat.

'Lemon' French dessert by Le Petit Four Patisserie, RollingBear Travels blog.
Cut 'Lemon' French dessert by Le Petit Four Patisserie, RollingBear Travels blog
Rose Lychee Cheesecake, Le Petit Four Patisserie, RollingBear Travels

The Lemon //

I had this BEFORE the MCO. I was in complete awe at its uncanny resemblance to well, a lemon. I don't remember exactly what was inside, except that it was filled with a lime puree/gelee...? (Dear chefs, please don't kill me if I'm using the completely wrong term.) The sourness was very nicely balanced with white chocolate and I remember that this dessert was one of my favourites.

Enchante //

Rose Cheesecake with Raspberry Jelly & Lychee

This was perhaps the lightest cheesecake I've ever tasted. It had a mousse-like texture, subtly fragranced with rose, sweetened lightly with lychee. And the biscuit base added a wonderful crunch to it!

Hazelnut Chocolate French Dessert, Le Petit Four Patisserie, RollingBear Travels

Hazelnut //

A layered milk chocolate hazelnut cake encrusted with a crunchy milk chocolate layer with hazelnut bits! Think Ferrero Rocher, but in a much bigger, rectangular form. And double the layers.

This one was on the sweeter side, and a lot richer than both of the above. I love it, but I'd definitely recommend sharing.


Black & white interior photography: Modern cafe decor of Le Petit Four Patisserie, RollingBear Travels blog.

Recently, there has been a new bakery called La Vie En Rose in Penang that I am dying to but have yet to try. So to date, Le Petit Four Patisserie is still one of my favourite bakery-cafes.

This particular visit was especially meaningful to me - it was my first time dining out since the MCO started. That morning was terribly exciting. Getting dressed and going to a cafe! Actually sitting down and having a cuppa there. Things were a little different of course, they had to take our contact details and temperature. They sanitised the tables. Masking tape was used to ensure social distancing. But all that aside, it was a peaceful morning and so wonderfully NORMAL. Something I won't ever take for granted again. Even the thought of it makes me ridiculously happy - sipping coffee over a croissant and magazine! And then reapplying lipstick just to wipe it off with my mask again. But you know, do whatever makes you happy.

That aside, it seems that they have recently revamped their dessert menu. Dang, just a few days after I left. So yes, I will be back hohoho!

Stay safe and thank you for reading!

- Sheryl

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