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An ode to candlelit dinners & romantic views in Positano | restaurant report

A photo journal of our Positano dining experiences with restaurant reviews - featuring the rustic il Capitano terrace, the romantic Al Palazzo restaurant, and the dreamy Terrazza Celè Restaurant.


The ultimate holiday destination to indulge in amazing Italian food in beautiful restaurants- as you watch the sun sink below the horizon, or drink wine in a picturesque garden.

'Food' and 'candlelit dinners' - the three words we always bring up whenever we mention Positano.

Most of our expenditure on this trip went to making the most of these beautiful restaurants. Which was pretty much how we spent all our Positano evenings. My budgeting app screamed a red alert at the 'dining' tab. But hey, I thought the memories created from these experiences were worth the deal!

Anyway, here are my thoughts and notes on the three restaurants we chanced to dine in!


- il Capitano -

il Capitano restaurant review, Positano | RollingBear Travels.

Tip / A few hotels partner up with restaurants to offer shuttle services, and il Capitano was amongst the list to which we could take a hotel shuttle!

We walked up a slope (as you'll be wont to do, when in Positano), past the very popular, and already fully booked Da Vincenzo Restaurant before arriving at a vine-covered wall, with a set of stairs leading down to a terrace of flowers and lanterns.

Interiors & Ambience /

Set on a spacious terrace offering expansive sea views, this beautiful cliffside restaurant was the perfect casual with a touch of class venue for weary travellers. Us, with our messy hair and damp clothing, were welcomed into a warm pool of light by friendly staff.

Food /

The menu offered a simple Italian and Mediterranean fare, pizzas, and seafood.

With starters such as a tuna and avocado tartare - which was fresh and delicious. The pizzas we had though, were not amazing.

Notes /

Good for families, big groups, and events.

Price range / $$

Around €65 - €90 per person for a complete 4-course Italian meal.

For more information & reviews /


- Al Palazzo Restaurant -

Hotel Palazzo Murat,

via dei Mulini, 23, Positano (SA)

Al Palazzo restaurant ambience: Romantic garden stone walkway under vine-clad pergola | RollingBear Travels.

We walked back down the busy main street of Positano - where we were drenched the day before and sought shelter below an arch with wrought-iron doors. That, was when we discovered the magical garden escape of the Hotel Palazzo Murat.

Entranced, we walked up to the reception and made a dinner reservation for the next night. Um...whoops!

Interiors & Ambience /

Beyond the wrought-iron gates lay a romantic fairytale garden.

Classy, formal, but cosy. The place to dress up for that special evening!

Food /

Fine Italian cuisine that, as amazing Italian food goes - prioritised highlighting the freshest, best quality produce. But served in combinations that packed a punch of flavours that were delicious and not too rich.

Notes /

This restaurant was beautiful- a garden escape indeed!

A good place for a romantic dinner, or a beautiful place to catch up with friends!

Price / $$$

Around €80 - €110 per person for a complete 4-course Italian meal.

For more information & reviews /


- Terrazza Celè Restaurant -

Terrazza Hotel Marincanto,

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 50 – 84017, Positano (SA)

Romantic sunset sea view filled with boats from Terrazza Celè Restaurant | RollingBear Travels.

As this was our last sunset in Positano, we searched for the best sea view we could get in this summer paradise. And alas, Terrazza Celè did not disappoint!

Down the slope we went (again), breathing in the evening air, sullenly accepting that our holiday was almost at its end. Wait where on earth is Google Maps taking me...?

Oh! A small gate to our left, a narrow walkway - how exciting!

And that was when we stepped into the quaint, turquoise-themed terrace of Hotel Marincanto.

Interiors & Ambience /

Dine amidst a quaint lemon tree garden terrace. Get cosy on the comfortable turquoise sofas, and indulge in a wonderful meal to an expansive view of the sea and the colours of the sunset.

Food /

The pasta dishes were vibrant and amazing! It was richer than what we had at Al Palazzo Restaurant, but the portions were just right such that we could enjoy every last bit of it! For dessert, it was our first time having sfogliatella ( an Italian pastry from Campania ) with custard and black cherry. And it was delicious!

Notes /

It was indeed, the perfect end place to end our trip- as we dramatically whipped our heads to watch the sun go down. Sipped on wine and talked about graduation. Welcome to the emotional, roaring 20s right?

The view from this terrace was stunning. Another very romantic venue for couples, and a great place to enjoy the ambience with friends.

Price / $$$

Around €80 - €100 per person for a complete 4-course Italian meal.

For more information & reviews /


Italy travel photography: Positano night scene | RollingBear Travels.

Stuffed, we happily strolled back to the hotel in comfortable silence. I could still taste the remnants of that amazing Italian meal while taking in the crashing of the waves against the shore, the orange lights burning like torches across the island's silhouette.

Positano went beyond a mere holiday destination. Here, we were offered a taste of a slow lifestyle, where distractions were merely beautiful views, handicrafts, and where to dine next at a pace that I am not accustomed to. But, those few days made it so much easier for me to live in the present and just enjoy life. And make memories that I can look back upon wherever I am in the world.

Reminiscing this trip a year later, in the travel-abstinent year of 2020 - has made the memory all the more poignant.

Oh, but this is not a rueful recollection! It is a happy memory- one of those little joys in life that make me smile when I look back upon it.

And I hope it can do the same for you too!

For more, read the full recollection of our 2019 summer getaway here! This time featuring architecture, day trips, street food (more food??!) and of course, the beautiful scenery.


Beautiful Italy travel photography: Positano night scene under a starry sky | RollingBear Travels.

Thank you for reading!


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An ode to candlelit dinners in Positano: restaurant reviews | RollingBear Travels Pinterest pin

An ode to candlelit dinners in Positano: restaurant reviews | RollingBear Travels Pinterest pin

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