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Hello !






A journal of self-expression & discovery through my 

tumultuous twenties.


All with too many coffees, cafes &

teddy bears.


Story time

Hi there! I'm Sheryl! Nice to meet you!


In summer 2019, left university feeling lost. Stepping into the era of drama and emotion, that is my twenties, I started this blog as a creative outlet for self-expression. Ironically, it is the Covid-19 pandemic, life plans gone awry, being quarantined that snapped me out of my misery, and just live every moment of life to the fullest however I like.

Writing and creating for this blog became a source of joy to me, and I hope to use this platform to spread positivity, entertain, and inspire you to just be yourself! And enjoy every moment of it!

Traveller & Foodie

I travelled the most during university days in London because (hohoho) it is a big part of architecture education, and I was surrounded with equally curious, adventurous friends! 

And like the majority of Malaysians, I am a foodie at heart. Food is a BIG part of the travel experience to me. And CAFES! My cafe obsession really started in the UNESCO heritage site of Georgetown, Penang. Cafe-hopping in Penang, especially, is a recent trend. Other than being given an excuse to dress up for brunch or spend an hour over a book, cafes to me, are a source of self-care and design inspiration in terms of food (I love to bake and cook!), plating, coffee or drink ideas, interiors, architecture, and hospitality!


These memories have brought me so much joy and I can't wait to share it with you guys! 

So welcome. Allow me to transport you out of reality to a world of stories. Speckled with travel tips, photography, and in-depth cafe reviews to help you travel better! And save yourself for the nicest cafes ;)


My travel posts took a step back during quarantine and instead, focused on wellbeing. Style - it goes beyond a mere love for fashion. To me, it affects my confidence, how I carry myself, how I want to express myself in the way I dress. 

This fashion blog section is a journey to find my personal style - as I experiment styling the pieces in my wardrobe (now thoroughly organised, Marie Kondo-style). Everyone has a unique story to tell, a unique style of expressing yourself. I'm not here to dictate how you should dress, but instead, I'm hoping to inspire you to be yourself! Dress however you like, to find the confidence to wear those cute pieces in your wardrobe however intimidating they may be! Because you are enough. Plus, you look  best in a smile :)

Hop along for outfit diaries, realistic styling tips and outfit ideas!


- Sheryl

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