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Tips for Staying Sane in Covid-19 Quarantine

Here's some ideas to make #socialdistancing bearable, calming even.

Let's #flattenthecurve! We ain't gonna let any virus get us down. We got this!


Shit. Did I catch the Covid virus?

Then, the inevitable happens : self-isolation. #socialdistancing

Step 1: DON'T Panic. Breathe. Got your toilet paper? Food? Ok. Everything will be just FINE. You are not alone in this. Here are some suggestions and links to keep you entertained as we get through this together :)

Get Enough Sleep

I've come to realise how important a good night's sleep is for a productive day. Or as a mood booster that helps us solve problems more calmly and effectively. And, it is lethal ammunition for our immune system against the virus.

Keeping to a Ritual

I personally think it's important to keep to a ritual: like waking up at a certain time, have breakfast, a morning coffee/tea, writing a to-do list. Staying productive with goals to focus on is a really good way to keep your mind occupied.

Tidy Up

Last weekend, (partially out of paranoia) I cleaned and disinfected everything on my desk. I finally recycled everything I no longer needed (which was a lot), reorganised everything and dang, that felt so good. De-cluttering helped relieve stress that I didn't know I was holding on to. And clean workspace = happy, more productive me!

Pursue a Personal Project

Has there been a personal project like a language/subject you've always wanted to learn but never had the time to? Well- here you go! Time to pursue those dreams :)


Just because you can't hit the gym doesn't mean you can't keep fit! Blogilates and Boho Beautiful are my favourite fitness youtubers since college: verified to kill the muscles wherever you are without scaring the entire apartment block with earthquake-worthy crashes. Boho Beautiful also has some very relaxing yoga videos for a calming workout to stretch out those tight muscles.

Pamper yourself with Face Masks

When I was hospitalised for an ACL injury, face masks (these are my personal favourite) were the last thing on my mind but my mum packed enough for me to use every night for the whole week. The little things in life make such a big difference. Being literally bedridden, these treats brightened my...night. Besides- moisturising is the key to nice skin, no?

Skype your friends!

I finally managed to Skype ALL my high school besties for the first time since 2015. It's so ironic that it took a pandemic to get us all together. But still, talking to them felt so good, so natural. Even not talking- but just having them there while everyone hustles with work at home. Friends are so important, especially now, to support each other through these challenging times. Plus, (I got this idea from a friend), if you like makeup but can't go out, why not dress up, put on your favourite lipstick /eye look and Skype your friends? Then you can pretend you're on an outing. Just make yourself a cup of coffee or a meal and voila! You're technically lunching with friends!


or do an Instagram drawing challenge- it's fun. Like the orange challenge I was tagged in.



Want something hilarious? I recommend these light reads by Sophie Kinsella :

Confessions of a Shopaholic : This is actually one of my favourites in the series!

The Undomestic Goddess : A lawyer turned professional housekeeper with no idea how to do house chores, much less prepare lavish banquets. Well, looking at my own occasional kitchen disasters, you can imagine how this turned out!

Oldies but goodies.

Or if you prefer something more literary, or uses more brain power, these really stimulated mine:

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier : A thriller revolving around a mysterious country estate through the eyes of a young bride who knows next to nothing about her new husband. The way this is written is ingenious : the author is so meticulous in her descriptions in highlighting particular elements of the house to maintain a mysterious air that draws the reader in. Also, MAJOR LESSON learned is to get to know a guy REALLY well before marrying him :D

1Q84 by Murakami : A really thick volume if you'd like something long to keep you occupied! Ok, I'm really struggling to describe this book. A thriller? A fantasy? In one word : Mind-blowing. If you're looking for something real deep, here you go!

For online articles and blogs, I enjoy reading Garance's stories : She's such a funny person with a really down-to-earth writing style. If you put as much emphasis on food when you travel as I do, Food 52 might be right down your alley. The New Yorker has some pretty entertaining articles too!


Movies & Series

In the mood for some k-drama?

While You were Sleeping is my all-time favourite for the romantics and endless awwww(s). And it was my post submission celebratory show while sleeping over at my friend's place.

Chic Flicks are really fun! Skype a girlfriend maybe to watch it together ;) Here are my favourites: To All The Boys I've Loved Before (the book series is just as good), Mean Girls

For funny TV series, Friends never gets old. And I could rewatch Sherlock even after watching the whole season 3 times.

Sometimes, the kid in me craves my childhood favourites like High School Musical or Disney Classics! My favourites are Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast! What's yours?

Looking for something to enjoy your meal / break with on Youtube? For style, my favourites are Jenn Im (she looks good in everything) and bestdressed (her commentaries are hilarious and so relatable). Both have amazing style. I also really enjoy the Worth It food series because if it isn't already obvious, I really like food. Worth it Taiwan & Japan leave my hungry all the time.

Here's another video that always cracks me up.


Get Cooking / Baking

For baking, may I suggest some good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies ? Or some brownies from Half Baked Harvest's dessert archives? If you're looking for something healthier, try this healthy banana bread recipe.

I LOVE soup. No, I'm OBSESSED with it. For some good Asian soup classics or delicious asian recipes in general, Omnivore's Cookbook and Woks of Life are my favourite Asian food blogs. Plus, these also have quick & easy recipes for minimal cleanup. For interesting, fusion Asian recipes, I recommend Lady and Pups. Her blog posts are always fun to read- I love her bluntly humorous writing style.


If you have any other book / movie recommendations or other activity suggestions, please leave a comment below!

Most importantly, remember that you are NOT alone in this. Health is so important right now and stress ain't gonna help. Get in touch with friends and family! It really helps.

Stay calm and positive- for this too shall pass. And everything will turn out fine in the end. Plus, bonds will be stronger, and so will we. For now, let's do our part in #socialdistancing and #flattenthecurve!

Stay strong, stay safe!



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