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postcards / Ait - Benhaddou, Morocco

Ait - Benhaddou: a photo journal to the Game of Thrones film site.

The journey began even before the break of dawn:

with bleary eyes, yawns and sniffles in winter jackets.

Amidst sleeping valleys, the sun and moon share an intimate moment.

A moment of utter stillness before the moon and stars bade us goodbye

and the sun engulfed us with the promise of adventure.

The valley of nature's architect:

from stone and debris to artful masterpieces.

Beyond its workshop lay a vast sandy landscape - a

backdrop for the occasional dwelling or the vibrance of local handicrafts.

An architectural wonder to awe all : Game of Thrones fans or not.

Under the blistering sun, we hiked.

To the top : as a villager of old, wary of invaders.

Along the river : as a wayward traveller finding his way to shelter.


The twilight artist had once again, repainted the sky to muted purples.

The moon enwrapped the now tired students in soiled t-shirts in her soft,

comforting glow as the valleys were swallowed in shadow.

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