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2020 : New Year, New Blog

1 Jan 2020

2020. A new city, a new job, a new adventure. And a new view from the plane window. Ever since I went for my A-levels in the UK on the 31st of December 2014, I feel like I have experienced so much more than I ever thought I would. And not documenting them would be a waste and I know I will regret it. So here goes. The blog I have been meaning to write for the past 3 years.

2019 was pretty tough on me and being the stress ball I am, of course I got nostalgic, had a mini existential crisis and really yearned for a creative outlet to just ramble. My way of de-stress? To go out exploring and cafe hopping. The past Christmas I had time to finally breathe and reflect. I realised that I was retreating into my little solitary ball of misery again (like me in first year of university. Not great.) Dang. I mean life is always filled with ups and downs and I'm not about to make the same mistake of not embracing all the new adventures I'm so fortunate to have.

I have been living abroad since 2015 and have had so many amazing travels, food hunts, and of course, precious friendships. Since 2015, the beginning of January had always been pretty much me on a plane, and a wholly different environment in a matter of hours. During college times, the beginning of January was waiting in Heathrow for the other students, then sleeping on the coach. My college was in Acton Burnell (the middle of nowhere basically), and it was always so nice to see the main hall lit with a warm light like a beacon in the dark. Just something about it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside- it felt like I was home. And I could finally crash in my little college room which I had for that one and a half years.

I still say goodbye to my home / pretty much every country I leave when the plane takes off. Guess I'll never quite from up.

Moving to London to study Architecture in my dream school, was of course, a dream at first. Yes, I learned a lot but still, the best part of the course? EHEHHEHEH. January field trips. And that called for EVEN MORE travelling and airport transits in the beginning of January.

Year 1 : Penang -- Singapore -- London -- Bologna, Italy

Year 2 : Penang -- Singapore -- London -- Athens, Greece

Year 3 : Penang -- Hong Kong -- London -- Portugal -- Fes, Morocco

Third year was crazy because I flew to 5 countries in 2 days. But hey, Morocco? Dang that trip was one of the best.

This year?


Never thought I'd end up here. But looking out the plane window, I was still excited : for another new environment (not so much the heat though after years of having a wintry January).

Having grown up in a small town where even KL was literally dazzling to me, I never imagined the multitude of experiences I would be so fortunate to experience in the last 5 years. To get to experience life in so many different places. I am so so so grateful for all the opportunities I have been given and hopefully one day I can do the same for other people.

I am an adventurous free spirit (I think). Even so, leaving home is never easy. In fact, it gets harder. 2019 especially, I felt so mentally drained. And for some reason, there was so much loss. Sometimes being abroad makes it hard to be able to say goodbye. I lost my dog and close relative last year :/ And I felt like many of my friends were going through so much sadness as well and it's... well. Sad. Things were definitely NOT as simple as secondary school. University especially was (extremely) tumultuous. Nevertheless, it was... wow. Ups and downs speckled with so many spontaneous adventures, baking escapades and of course. FOOD HUNTING.

I have been wanting to start this blog as my diary to keep track of my foodie hunts and my spontaneous trips (oops). My little record of my baking escapades and my creative outlet because, well, I like to write! (I bake and write to keep myself relatively happy so to speak). Plus, a space for me to pursue my still amateur photography skills. This is my personal space to document my memories and adventures, that I hope will also become travel/cafe guides from a student's perspective so that no one else makes my mistakes. Not to mention a whole lotta reading entertainment!

But most of all, it is a tribute to all the people I've met in my life and all the windy roads life chooses to take me. Because these are the experiences that mould me as a person. Experiences that help me grow, and the people who have supported me throughout the different stages of my life.

Anyway, I'm finally starting this. To all my friends and family (to whom I owe all the happiness in my life to) and to anyone who randomly chances upon this blog... Happy reading! Come join me on my adventures and ramblings!

- Sheryl

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