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On colour, cafes and surviving the tropical heat | August outfit diaries

Cafe-inspired summer weekend brunch outfit ideas / what to wear in Malaysia.


This month felt like the height of summer - the last colourful hurrah of holiday bliss before reds and browns overtake the scene. I think my colourful Positano recollection last summer also influenced my more colourful choices this month.

Or tried to anyway.

Despite the inevitable battle for car parks in heritage Georgetown and the unbearably humid Malaysian heat, but like the stubborn youth I am, my favourite weekend activity remains: hunting the next cafe, dressing up and feeding my camera.

So, hop along for cafe-inspired outfit ideas and some of my staple summer pieces that I have been wearing so much in this heat!

/ Denim skirts /

Denim skirts are my foolproof formula against that heat - pair it with any of your favourite tops and you're good to go with minimal effort and maximum comfort.

The oversized tee / Ode to an Italian summer

Editing my Positano pictures from last summer inspired this colour combo of blues, greens and pinks. I love a comfortable oversized tee which I tucked into this cute pink denim skirt that I may have stolen from my mum's closet. And I chose espadrilles to properly kick off those summery August vibes!

An all-white affair

Colour-blocking by... removing all colour. So colour blocking too. Hoho. Anyway.

I've always gone for an all-black outfit- so I thought I'd try the complete opposite! Well except for my navy espadrilles. I put on an oversized white shirt over my lace tank, which was tucked into my acid-washed denim skirt. The white shirt was initially for sun protection, but I think it also worked to make the outfit look a bit more business casual.

/ Shorts /

My number one summer staple: shorts.

Since I'd already talked about styling t-shirts with denim shorts, I wanted to try something a little different by pairing it with a cap, and this thin shimmery sweater with open sleeves.

Inspired by Fuku Eatery & Dessert, a Japanese cafe and lifestyle shop sporting a Muji aesthetic, I wanted to go for something simple to fit the minimalistic vibe.

Fine, this is perhaps not the most zen outfit, neither are the colours earth-toned but this place actually inspired this all-black outfit and my previous all-white skirt outfit.

Talk about Yin and Yang.

/ Camisoles, comfortable crop tops and loose pants /

The boyfriend jeans

So oddly satisfying, isn't it, to find a background that matches your outfit? This colourful area is where the popular Wheeler's Cafe is located.

It was the beginning of August, and I was in an incredibly summery mood. Hence kicking off my colourful endeavours with this pale yellow camisole and shredded boyfriend jeans, with a blue bandana.

A discovery of great pants

Friends. I have found yet another wardrobe staple!!!

This pair of pants is perhaps one of my best investment pieces. I highly recommend investing in just one good pair of well-fitting pants! Not only is it super comfortable -super airy too for the summer - it is such a versatile piece to style for any occasion!

I paired it with these espadrilles as I was going for a more country party vibe. Inspired by Kota Dine & Coffee, a fusion restaurant in the heritage site of Fort Cornwallis.

And that is it for this month!

August is over. Unbelievable. Where has this year gone to?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this!

Thank you for reading!


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