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Singapore : Lit Weekend in the West ft The Kins' Cafe Basque Burnt Cheesecake

7 March 2020 // Pasir Panjang, Singapore

A weekend 'Lit' in every aspect of the word : attending Modern Resonance II, a SingLit (Singapore Literature) event by local literary organisation; a lit venue that was literally lit, and a REALLY lit cake.

Pasir Panjang Power Station


Saturday : Journey to the West

It started with rain.

Of course it had to start with rain- it's only poetic.

A torrential rain no less- the merciless kind that would drench you in seconds.

Amidst its ceaseless crash, snakes of neon red lights flashed in the late afternoon traffic. The Grab driver chattered on- of what I do not recall now. Something about Covid-19? Perhaps its selfish of me, but in the eye of that tiger, there was quiet- space for my thoughts to roam free. I gazed out the window as the highway melted into a lush green landscape of a side of Singapore I rarely saw.


A Burnt Cheesecake Symphony

The Kins' Specialty Coffee

Pasir Panjang, Singapore

"Wah this place better have damn good coffee ar. You travel so damn far."

Were the Grab driver's parting words, having kindly stopped at a sheltered corner. If I were travelling all the way here, of course I had to stake out the best spot in town!

- a m b i e n c e -

I found this cafe tucked in the public area of a condominium. A very Kinfolk vibe - grey cushioned chairs with a harmonic pairing of wooden tables, surrounded by a barrier of lush green potted plants. Many were enjoying the peaceful afternoon with a book, friends, or laptops. More than half the seats were outdoors, sheltered under a glass roof. Big industrial ceiling fans twirled lazily above muted chatter.

I made a beeline for the counter. For once, there was no hesitation. I came with intention.

- m e n u -

Their specialty Burnt Basque Cheesecake and a Hojicha Latte, Unsweetened.

Wow. I admit I was skeptical of the many reviews stating that this cake was 'worth the distance', but I have to second that. It was a complex play of taste and textures- most aptly described by Lady and Pups as 'if cheesecake and ice cream had a baby'.

The middle portion (my favourite part!) was silky smooth, that just melted in the mouth : kind of like whipped cream, but packed with intense cheesecake flavour. This creamy portion was sandwiched between a spongey cheesecake layer that resembled the texture of a Japanese cotton cheesecake. The edges got a tad too eggy for me though. So in one bite, it was at once dense, flavourful, yet still fluffy and light, with a hint of nuttiness from the charred top. This was such a contrast to the ultra dense burnt cheesecakes I've had. This was so light that you could finish it without feeling sick. Plus, it was so creamy that I was literally slurping it of the fork. (It sounds disgusting, but I kid you not- it was that light.)

Savoured with a nutty, well-brewed Hojicha Latte against the soft patter of the rain, in this little oasis bathed in shafts of muted light, with of course, a novel, was quiet bliss. It was the beginning of a poem, a perfect prelude to the performance.

o v e r v i e w

- Based on my opinions-

The Kins' Specialty Coffee (Island-wide delivery available!)

Ambience : 10/10

Very chill, kinfolk vibes. Quiet, cool and peaceful- a true urban oasis. But again, it could also be due to the rain. Good for reading and working.

Drinks : 7/10

Hojicha latte was well-brewed. Unsweetened options are always a plus point to me.

Cheesecake : 10/10

It was seriously, so good. Definitely worth the distance and calories.

Price Range :

The cake was $8, the hojicha latte was $6.

Nearest MRT Station :

Right outside Pasir Panjang Station.

Return? 5/10

Would I go all the way there for it again? Not really- but will definitely go if I am in the area. But that's also because there are so many cake shops to try in Singapore. But if I live near the cafe, then yes, it would be my new habitat.

2 Jalan Mat Jambol, BIJOU,

#01-08/09, Singapore 119554

Opening Hours:

11am – 9pm

Thursday - Tuesday, Closed on Wednesday


#BuySingLit movement : Modern Resonance II

Pasir Panjang Power Station

A literature event. A historical, decommissioned power station.

Free entry.

Yes PLEASE! I jumped at it when a colleague showed me the event page. How could I refuse the opportunity to experience such a historical building that won't ever be seen anywhere else on this island?

A shuttle bus transported us from Labrador Park MRT Station. Not knowing at all what to expect, the rain drops sure added to the drama of the unveiling of the event.

Modern Resonance II was a spoken word performance by poet Deborah Emmanuel- a performance that remembers the workers of the former power plant. The lightbulbs symbolised the power grid they had to make sure kept running. Paired with sound effects and recordings, it was an evocative performance that really drew me in, that painted the picture of the working environment in the power station.


- Interior Design -

I really liked how they decorated such a big and cold space. Amazing how a couple of leather sofas can make the place look so comfortable and inviting. Vegan burgers were also served at the venue- where one could enjoy at these really aesthetic seating areas.


- Words -

I think the way these words were curated was ingenious- the whole setup, the lighting. Such short paragraphs to tickle the imagination that would in turn narrate the full story unique to each individual. The romantic in me could not stop 'awww'-ing.

I love reading and literature but I have never attended an event of this sort before- much less a spoken word. Spoken word performances never really appealed to me. Honestly, I would much prefer watching a play, or better yet, a musical. But nevertheless, I was glad I attended. Another precious memory I can look back on during my time here. I was a bit sad that I couldn't watch the 'Hantu Tales' performance though- because *sigh* I did not realise that that particular performance required a separate ticket and was fully booked. Oh well. It was still an experience that I treasured, and was glad my colleague dragged me out for it.

But if you're interested in any other upcoming SingLit activities, there's more information here.

Thank you for reading!


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