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I had a confidence chat. With my graphic tee.

Do YOU love CUTE, QUIRKY t-shirts? Do YOU also have a problem admitting it to your friends / never even considered this t-shirt a styling option because it is not your typical cool, street-style hype beast kinda tee? Or one of those plain tees or cute, cropped Brandy Melville tees?

Well, here's two Paris/Korea-inspired outfits that'll boost your t-shirt's confidence

(and yours) to wear them out!

Blogger in a t-shirt and maxi skirt adjusts a black beret.

It all started, when my t-shirt had a breakdown.

Grey Pampling graphic tee of a chinchilla that says 'I'm a procrastinator. Working tomorrow for a better today'.

t-shirt / Pampling

(Sorry t-shirt, for using you as a cover for my lack of confidence in my style because dammit I love cute-ass quirky t-shirts more than I do vintage rock band tees or hype beast tees! Which unfortunately, makes me feel so UNCOOL. I mean you're a - as a friend pointed out- CHINCHILLA revealing my personality to the world!)

Oops. Did I just say that out loud?

Anyway. One morning, I woke up indignant as I put on my t-shirt. It was comfortable, oversized, and had served me well throughout studio days in university, with lots of room for running about / dramatic arm flailing / breakdowns. And is continuing to do so throughout this quarantine. And yet, it was never part of any 'cute outfit for travelling/hanging out'. I mean yes, I only have myself to blame. But that very random thought that morning was what ignited the inspiration for these outfits. So here we go!


Look 1 / Traipsing in Paris

Fashion blogger models a Pampling graphic tee, AllSaints leopard print maxi skirt, and Maison Laulhère black Béret Véritable.

The gentle morning sun cast dappled shadows across wide cobbled streets. Beautifully intricate balconies and timber louvres line every street. Freshly baked pastries (ooh! the layers!) entice from bakeries. You hear a clanging of a coffee cup against a table every few minutes as the row of rattan seats outside cafes start filling with people, and prim dogs. A whiff of coffee and cigarette smoke. Walk down the street and you'll see a colourful macaron shop, or a vintage bookshop...

Flatlay of an ink illustration of a Parisian cafe, Joli Moon drop earrings, AllSaints wide black belt
Joli Moon gold star and pearl drop earrings atop ink illustration of a cafe.

earrings / Joli Moon

- Reality -


It had barely been a few minutes of prancing up and down the balcony under a 40 degree heat, and I was already disgustingly sweaty, fervently praying that :

1) I'd gotten at least 1 decent shot of this outfit (that I honestly rather liked).

2) That the neighbours were not secretly wondering what the hell I was doing on my balcony from behind their tinted windows.

skirt & belt / AllSaints ; béret / Maison Laulhère


I like the contrast between the quirkiness of the t-shirt against the leopard print. Plus, the outfit is still rather playful and casual, since the skirt is ultimately, a short black skirt. Just topped with a sheer leopard print that is super flowy ( lots of ventilation there ) for some dramatic twirling and some oh-so-scandalous slits.

I kept my accessories plain and simple as to not contest with the graphics of my top and skirt. The wide black belt cinches in the waist, and adds a touch of elegance by giving some structure to the loose t-shirt. Plus, I think that its width and simplicity provides some breathing space between the loud t-shirt graphics and the animal print.

In my opinion, no Paris-dreaming is complete without a béret. I think that bérets can elevate just about any outfit. Every time I pin outfit inspirations with hats, I'm drawn first, to the really cool hat, and go 'wow' before I even scrutinise what the model is wearing. Bérets have the same brainwashing effect on me, and have become quite a big part of my imagery of 'Parisian Chic'. The thought of having one of those chic things sitting on my head kind of does make me forget what I'm wearing and just love the outfit. New discovery : fashion is a brain illusion. Believe it's chic, it's chic.

For shoes : these military boots are never too much for anything. Plus, I like the edgy kick it gives the skirt.

Top-down photo of AllSaints black Franka leather military boots

shoes / AllSaints


Look 2 / Street dancing in Seoul

The shopping street is blinding. Neon lights and signs flash everywhere you turn. Every street is packed with youths: some in caps, some in masks. Narrow stores overflowing with clothes, makeup and accessories all screaming at you to come look, there's a sale! Want to look like XXX Kpop star? SHOP THEIR MASKS! LATEST TRENDS! Make your way down to a wider square, where people have crowded around a singer playing a cover on his guitar. Then you start feeling yourself grooving to the beats from further down the street where the street dancers have gotten into formation...

Flatlay of ink illustration of Seoul's clothes shopping streets, olive cap, leather bracelets

- Reality -

She's back!? Psycho alert : girl dancing with no music under crazy heat on balcony.

Ahh, Seoul. I've visited it only once, on a short college-graduation trip in early August. Unfortunately, I don't remember much of it, except for the heat, the food, the street markets overflowing with cute, affordable clothes, and the street dancers. I thought it was so, so cool that crews could just gather and dance to enthusiastic pedestrians along hipster streets. I remember the cheering, the hooting, the joyful vibes.

This outfit - which is something you would realistically see me in - is conjured from my hazy imagery of Seoul. Your typical oversized t-shirt French-tucked into ripped denim shorts, paired with vintage-looking sneakers and topped with a page-boy cap to complete the dancer vibe. To spice it up a little, I paired it with some faux leather bracelets. Top it off with some red lip tint ( concentrated towards the inner middle portion of your lips and blend to create a gradation towards the edges ) and voila! You're now Korean Kpop star material *wink*

Vintage Converse sneakers, Rollingbeartravels blog

sneakers / Converse

I love t-shirts. And I definitely buy too many of them. From concerts, to clubs, societies, events. My shopping buddy always steers me away from the t-shirt racks because almost every time, I will emerge with a t-shirt. Unfortunately, like what my t-shirt said, I love quirky graphic t-shirts, but have never felt 'cool' or 'stylish' in them. Out of 60% of my wardrobe (t-shirts!!!) I'd say I wear about 10% of them almost everyday (the ratty, torn t-shirts), 10% of them out (the cool t-shirts fit for going out), and the rest are just in a grey area where they are too nice to wear to the gym or just sloth at home, but not quite cool enough to go out in except university. I think it a waste if I'm not fully utilising everything in my wardrobe. Now, I'm looking to change that, and if I like cute quirky t-shirts? By all means, wear them out!

Anyway, if you have the same struggles, hopefully this gave you some ideas? Which one is your favourite? I'm looking to improve myself and can hopefully, come up with more ideas in the future! If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below :)

Thank you for reading!


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