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3 quick tips to turn your PJs into an outfit

5 May 2020

3 ultimate lazy girl tips to elevate your home wear so you can be out of the house in 5 minutes (and look good)!!

Rollingbear Travels Blog / accessorising simple grey Hollister shorts and cotton tank top

top / Sixth Sense ; shorts / Hollister

It is unbearably hot and uncomfortably sticky. I strategically position myself for maximum ventilation in front of the fan. Dang, I need to go out in 30 minutes, but I'm so comfortable in my shorts and t-shirt tank top. I want to look good! Urgh but I don't want any makeup melting off my face.

Shall I wear a dress? NOOO I don't want to leave my ultimate sloth mode outfit that is by the way, SUPER VENTILATED.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Well, this sloth here will give you some lazy girl tips to elevate your home wear so you can be out of the house in 5 minutes (and look good)!!

Rollingbear Travels Blog / ink and watercolour coffee doodle art, tip 1 for wearing your PJs out

Putting together an outfit is like brewing the perfect cup of latte :

it's all about balance.

So, are you a double shot or single shot?

Team shoes or team jeans?

Rollingbear Travels Blog / lifestyle blogger styling rugged black leather military boots, grey cotton tank top, grey Hollister shorts, moodboard

boots / AllSaints

When I really can't be asked to change out of my very comfortable Hollister shorts, the simplicity of the outfit can be elevated by a statement shoe : such as my chunky military boots. Because there is so much detail in the boots, it'll make the whole outfit look like it has been carefully planned when really, I just needed to put on a pair of shoes. This pair of boots is probably one of my best shoe investments ever because they are so versatile and stylish, and can literally be worn with anything from dresses to shorts to skirts of all lengths.


Rollingbear Travels Blog / accessorising Hollister blue ripped boyfriend jeans with metal cuff bracelets

jeans / Hollister ; sneakers / Puma

If you're not a fan of chunky statement shoes, a more laidback option is to go for simple white sneakers. I like to pair white sneakers with my very ripped boyfriend jeans, which is also from Hollister (Hollister please notice me). These jeans are one of my wardrobe staples: it's super comfortable for lounging at home or travelling. Plus it makes any outfit look good with no effort at all.

Rollingbear Travels Blog / ink and watercolour latte doodle art, tip for wearing your PJs out

Accessories are like the milk foam of a latte: it finishes the outfit. It can make you look overdressed even in the simplest clothes. The key is to layer your accessories. But keep to a uniform theme / colour!

Accessories are the easiest way to elevate any outfit : it adds so much detail and character. Plus, you don't need any Tiffanys or Cartier to look good! In fact, most of my favourite pieces I gleaned from markets and random street shops. For this look, I'm going for an edgy street style, hence I chose accessories that were more casual and gruff, with a blue theme.

Rollingbear Travels Blog /statement hoop earrings, metal charm bracelet, leather pendant necklace, flat lay photography, accessories

Because my outfit is so simple, I can go wilder with my accessories. Hence, I went for my dramatic boho-theme hoop earrings from Free People. To match the blue, I went for a leather necklace strung with a blue glass stone that I got from a viking village in Norway (don't worry, no dragons or axes were involved). Because there is already so much drama with the earrings, I balanced this out by going for simpler bracelets : like a metal bangle (it is literally a band of bent metal) that I got from a random street vendor in Athens. I layered this with my rustic charm bracelet, gifted to me by my best friend actually. Yes, my accessories are usually souvenirs from my travels which makes them all the more meaningful!

But anyway, it is all about balance again with accessories. If your home wear is as simple as mine, this is literally the perfect outfit to look like a jewellery rack. So don't be scared to bring on the drama!

Rollingbear Travels Blog / MAC Panda dark purple lipstick, lifestyle blogger styling accessories, mirror photography

lipstick / Mac Cosmetics

Don't want makeup melting off your face? Actually, all you need is a bold lipstick, your brow pencil and bam! You're done.

If you want to step it up another notch, or if you have a home conference/interview situation (but you don't want to go through the whole makeup shebang), putting on a dark lip will instantly make you look like you've spent time on your makeup. When it takes less than 5 minutes for this 'look'.

Because a dark lipstick is so bold, the simplicity of the outfit can really balance it out. But if you're not a fan of looking like you've been poisoned, then soft pinks or neutral glosses will finish off this outfit very nicely as well! It is completely up to you and your preference. I was just feeling very punchy that day because it was my first weekend in quarantine. I was pretending that the delivered lunch was my weekend lunch out with myself. And oh yes one must dress up for a hotel. Put on some jewellery because why not. Just your normal quarantine day activity.

Anyway, that is it! Hope you have as much fun styling as I did!

Stay safe & thank you for reading! Let me know what you think or if you have any styling suggestions!


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