Other than my mum, and a few other role models, my style inspirations are usually the people I bump into on the streets, on the bus, in a cafe, a friend's friend. People with a strong sense of style and identity, who exude confidence with a story to tell.


Style to me, is confidence. It is an identity. It is culture that extends far beyond my mere love for fashion and makeup.

I am still on a very long life journey of finding my own style and identity. But do hop along this fun panel where I share my love for fashion and beauty (during the rare times I can actually be bothered to dress up) and join in in the conversation!

My Wardrobe:

I focus on mindful shopping: investing in versatile pieces I know I will love, and will wear the living hell out of, whether they are from my favourite brands or random shops from my travels! And because I travel so much, my wardrobe revolves around styling adaptable pieces for different occasions.

- Fun fact -

I used to splurge on an abundance of sale items, using the price to justify my actions but ended up hating myself for not wearing them. Ever since then, it has been gratifying to clear my wardrobe annually and donate clothes I don't wear anymore to people whom I know will appreciate them.


Now, I focus on the pieces I actually love, rather than blindly following trends. I've come to realise that my wardrobe should reflect who I am, and I should feel confident and comfortable in it rather than it being something that I have to forcefully change if I didn't like the way I looked (been there, done that, regretted it). 




Style Profile :



On a daily basis, I'm usually a minimalist.


If I'm going out, I lean towards an edgy street style, sometimes with a feminine twist. If I were to describe it in terms of country, I particularly love French, Korean, & Japanese fashion.


And I have an obsession with earrings, faux leather bracelets and Kimono prints!