My baking adventures started at age 5 : when my grandma used to wake me up from naps to help her (make a mess) bake for Chinese New Year. From the sifting to the folding- I loved it all. I loved it so much I tried to replicate it at home without a recipe OR any baking equipment. For one of the first cakes *ahem* that I made without my grandma's supervision, I put in 1 egg, god knows how much flour and an ENTIRE BLOCK OF BUTTER. I will forever remember that yellow, tasteless, spotty monstrosity that came out (that I made my poor brother taste too). 

This became quite a serious hobby only in college, as a therapeutic means of stress relief. Plus, I just love baking for people in general. As an amateur home baker though, there's been quite a bit of failure and I pretty much have to pray the cake turns out fine every time its an intended gift. But because I'm also super health conscious, I do try to cut as much sugar as I can / make my bakes as healthy as I can but sometimes you just gotta indulge right??


Anyway, here's my baking diary. For anyone else as sceptical of their baking skills as I am, I'll link the recipes I used down below, as reference or safe bets for those I-can't-mess-this-up situations. ;)

Thank you for reading!