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Styling T-shirt + denim shorts // 3 ideas to up your shorts game *SuMmEr eDiTioN*

Ways to dress up a t-shirt + denim shorts in a pinch!

"Hey, wanna go out? NOW?"

It's a 40 degree heat, EXTREMELY SWEATY, kinda day.


*reaches for a nice-ER t-shirt & denim shorts*


"Ahh damn I'm late to pick lunch up!"

*T-shirt no.2 & shorts*


"Ok, my luggage is 80% ruffles and floral dresses.

There simply must be something more comfortable in here!"

*packs nicest t-shirt & shorts*

Trust me, I LOVE skirts, impractical ruffles and off-shoulder tops. But REALISTICALLY? I am almost always found in t-shirts & shorts, especially when it is simply too hot and sticky to put on anything else. Even during my travels, I'd last a maximum of 2 days perhaps in girly clothes before I need my usual t-shirt/shorts detox. Which still has to look cute because who knows where and when you'll get really nice pictures?

I really want to try styling denim shorts with a blazer, but unfortunately, I'd probably faint from the heat before I could step out of the house :(

SO this post is geared towards upping that shorts game just with accessories & a litttllllee makeup without :

  1. Getting sweaty in the afternoons trying to squeeze into dresses

  2. When I'm running LAtE but feeling extra

  3. Y'know, I just want to look a little different from when I'm at home.

Let's gooo!

- Playing with p R i n t S -

Loose wide-necked tee + Printed denim shorts + Braided belt + Studded cap + Leather wedged sandals

Oh ok, let's just start with the most extra outfit of this little series.

Which happens to also be my favourite. Like the try-hard person I am.

Mixing the boho printed denim shorts with a plant-themed tee gave me a tropical vibe. Boho = details & textures. Loads of them. As a breather between the prints, I opted for this ropey braided belt because I was inspired by Tarzan and the jungle HOOIYAH and complemented it with leather wedged sandals.

For accessories, I kept the necklace simple just to accent the wide neck because there was already so much going on with the prints. The earrings were of an abstract flower pattern which I thought went well with the theme.

For hair, simple. Ponytail. I usually don't wear my hair down anyway and under this heat? Just no. Cute scrunchies are a must in summer. For a more dressy look, wear a cap!

- Accessorising n e u t r a l s -

Plain black tee + blue denim shorts + accessories!

Neutrals are like a basic latte that you can flavour however you

like depending on your choice of accessories!

Do you prefer minimalist or extravagant accessories? Korean-style perhaps? Or beaded Moroccan style? Or flamboyant colours?

I have my 'moods' - I was obsessed with Korean jewellery for a while before vibrant feather earrings caught my attention. My daily choice of accessories reflect how I was feeling that particular day, and the vibe I wanted to express. Basically, I'm a cafe menu:

Minimal gold accents, finished with a simple pair of sandals - they made me feel calm, more grown up, more elegant in a way. Like that of a caramel macchiato! The classic drink that everyone one loves - that is so cool to be seen walking around with.

This is one of my most worn pairs of earrings : a versatile pair that complements many outfits, perfect even for the office. Especially when I had meetings or office events and wanted to look a bit more spruced up.

They say, less is more. Sure. But once in a while I crave some unnatural colours and clashing flavours like Starbuck's Matcha Black Sesame latte drink with taro foam. Which is by the way, quite delicious despite the colours.

These earrings are a statement unto themselves. Whenever I'm feeling very extra, I throw these on and bam you're done. Unfortunately, they aren't as wearable for the every day but they are nice to have because they can instantly elevate any plain outfit.

Am I going to prance around all day in strappy 4-inch gladiator wedges? NOPE! But I think it pairs nicely with these accessories. I'll wear it out for sure (with slippers in my bag).

- Oversized c O m F o r T s -

Oversized tee + denim shorts + sneakers

Throwback Tuesday :

To summer 2019, when a friend and I travelled to Positano in

celebration of completing our final year in university.

I counterbalanced all the frills and impracticality of Spring trends with a good old oversized graphic tee tucked into ripped denim shorts, finished with sneakers. Gosh! A break from heels. A wholly comfortable outfit for... rock balancing. Do it for the gram.

For accessories: a pair of big wooden drop earrings, and a butterfly clip. During that short hair period of mine, I fantasised having those coveted beachy waves. Realistically, that happened like, twice? I ended up either tying my hair (yes, I did. Even with short hair.) or just pinning one side up!


I've found that honestly, a little makeup can go a looonng way.

1. Brows

The most essential of all! Wear your brows, and you're done.

No time? I suggest drawing the lower third of the brows first. Focus on getting the brow ends sharp because that is all you need to look like your brows are in place.

2. Lip!

Again, a dab of lip gloss can go a long way.

For a natural look, you could dab a bit of darker lipstick or lip tint on the centre of your lips. Smack your lips together to transfer the colour to the other lip. And top with a lipgloss! This adds slightly more colour than just a natural lipgloss which does make me look more awake.

Need to look even more dressed up?

Dark lipstick. Yup.

3. Eyeliner hacks

Makeup gurus will probably scream at me for this but honestly, you don't need to line the whole lash line if you're in a rush, or if you're not confident with eyeliner. All you need, is a flick of the brush at the end of your eyes. Or draw a tiny triangle at the end of your eye.

Another trick I like : line the bottom lash line with a bright colour. Not only does it add a fun pop of colour, it also makes the eyes look bigger.

For brown eyes : Using a bight blue/green brings out the brown.

I used this Urban Decay pencil liner in the shade Deep End.

So, what is your take on shorts?

Recently, I've noticed a biker shorts trend which I'm not very into simply because... they look like the tights I used to school under my pinafore for years. And it was NOT pleasant. It was tight and itchy and I'm certainly not digging them. I'll stick to my denims.

Also, fun fact. Denim shorts are a staple of mine now, but it actually took me so many years to feel comfortable in them. As a kid, I was an old-fashioned tomboy, and I wore nothing but sweatpants or jeans everyday. How I managed to do that in this tropical heat is beyond me. Because after studying abroad, there is no way I'm going to squeeze into jeans in this humid weather.

Anyway, if you enjoyed this or if you have any suggestions, please subscribe or leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading!


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